Birding in Belize

Birding in Belize


Birding in Belize has become quite a favourite in Central America so whether you are a seasoned birder or a beginner, at Mystic River Resort we will make sure that with such a diversity of habitat, you will get to cross a few of those birds off your list!

Both casual and expert birders will enjoy some memorable experiences birding in Belize searching for an amazing mixture of tropical birds, from the Collared Aracari to the Masked Tityra, Emerald Toucanet to the Red-Lored Parrot!

Belize is blessed as being home to some of the most beautiful feathered creatures on the planet.   Discover the bird species recorded in Belize, which consists of the mainland of Belize and around 450 smaller cayes and islands lying in the Caribbean Sea. The avifauna of Belize includes over 570 species, of which 2 are globally endangered and 4 have been introduced by humans.  While Birding in Belize you will also discover the importance of the country as an important winter home for many North American bird species.

Just here on Mystic River, our guides have counted over 160 species of birds.   Come be amazed by the colors and sounds of the jungle!   Guided early morning walks and sunset walks available on our hiking trails system.  A typical birding day at Mystic River Resort will start with the sounds of waking birds, Keel Billed Toucan, Mot-Mot, Hummingbirds and Parrots.

For the casual birder, start your day by enjoying your fresh cup of coffee or tea on your private patio while listening to the sounds of the waking jungle, a cacophony of bird chirping and singing.  Welcome to Belize!

We also offer an all inclusive birding package, which combines luxury accommodations, gourmet meals, and transportation with world-class birding tours.

Come join us for some Birding in Belize!





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