Lookout tower views

Lookout tower view from hiking trail

At Mystic River Resort we have several miles of well-marked hiking trails crisscrossing through our nearly 200 acres of private jungle property. Our trails pass through a variety of environments including dense tropical forest, majestic pine ridge, and open pastures where we graze our horses, cattle, and sheep.   Ridges overlook the valleys below with agricultural land spotted throughout the vast surrounding wilderness of Maya Mountains.  Hiking can be thirsty work so make sure to take water bottles from our kitchen!

Our property and the surrounding riverine landscape  is a reservoir for biodiversity.  Hundreds of species of exotic plants and flowers, brilliant insects, chirping birds, furry mammals, pre-historic reptiles, and colorful amphibians live in this complex tropical forest community.

Take a leisurely walk along our hiking trails looking for birds and taking photos or go for a challenging hike up to a look out point which also houses ancient Maya mounds, burial sites and other evidence of inhabitation from the earliest times.  See traces of our logging years as Western Belize was an important center for the Baymen (British loggers) and Chicleros (collectors of chicle which is used to make chewing gum from the Sapodilla tree sap) who also relied on the river to transport their goods.  Discover a Mahogany patch containing at least one hundred small Mahogany seedlings!

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