Horseback Riding

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riding at Mystic River Resort

riding at Mystic River Resort

What better way to experience the jungle than from the back of a horse! Whether you are a novice or an experienced rider, we will make sure you have the horseback ride of your life.

Our team of horses, Red, Coco, Precious, Sahara, Rose, Buddy and Elsie just cannot wait to show you around!  They are eagerly waiting for you.

Come experience the beautiful flora and fauna of Belize. Discover unexcavated Mayan sites, house mounds, burial mounds and many more along the way!  Be awed by the scenic beauty of our tropical forests.  Learn about the trees, Mahogany, Sapodilla, Cahoon Palms, Silver Palms, which are endemic to Belize, and many more along with the birds and the animals who live in this tropical paradise.  You might spot an Armadillo, Iguanas, Coaties, Deers or a Fox during the day!  Take a drink from a Water Vine or try some tasty Termites!  This is the jungle and we want you to experience it to the fullest.

Come join our experienced guides for a wonderful ride!

We have stables and eight riding horses.

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